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Founded by two management professionals with deep knowledge of design & business and a vision to help other businesses grow & prosper together. Graphic design was deeply rooted in print, and that's where we began with THE PRINT STUDIO. In 2012 began our journey towards innovation and rediscovering ourselves! We believe in honesty, simplicity and dedication that clearly reflect in our work! We take immense pride in providing solutions that are aesthetic, combined with modern business requirements. We are the Hungry bunch from various genres & streams of economic world, coming together for one singular goal of 'Making a Difference' in the lives of everyone that touch us. It has been always about people, as we firmly believe 'People Maketh Brands'. Thus began the journey of 'Hangover Media'

Ankit Majethia
Ankit Majethia

Creative Director

Nikunj Bhatia
Nikunj Bhatia

Director - Operations

Purvi Thakkar

Business Head - UK

Pranita Pokale


Ruchita B.

Graphic Designer


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Everybody has one skill in which they are better giving them a notch above others…here are some of ours at a glance

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